Thursday, May 31, 2007

Integrating Flash Objects into .NET forms

If you guys ever want to embed your flash objects into .NET forms using Visual Studio 2005, you can do the following:

1) Open the toolbox and right click on it.
2) Select "Choose Item". You will be brought to a window where you can select components you can use in your tool box.
3) Select the COM tab, and search for Shockwave Flash Object in the list.
4) Click the checkbox to select the object and click on OK.
5) You will now see within the toolbox, your newly inserted Shockwave Flash Object.
6) Drag the flash object control to the form and right click the control.
7) You'll see a URL textbox, enter the flash object's location within your drive.

*Please note that your computer should have the ActiveX Control for the Latest Flash Player for this to work. This is because Visual Studio needed the Flash9.ocx(this can be Flash.8ocx or whatever Flash Player ActiveX you installed). You can get your copy here.

And that's it! You can modify most of it's properties in the properties window.

Some of the most helpful properties to check in the properties window checkboxes are the following:
  • Embed Movie - This property allows Visual Studio in create a .resx file to store your flash object and is automatically linked to your source file.
  • Play - This property allows your flash object to play its contents.


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