Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jack PC Thin Client solution - fits in a wall socket!

clipped from blog.scifi.com

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This really compact thin client is small enough to fit a wall socket and is capable of running solely on Power Over Ethernet (power from your LAN cable!). This feature greatly reduces the number of wires you need, both the power and network connections are already intergrated into the Power Over Ethernet feature.

Included in the Jack PC is a resident Citrix ICA, Microsoft RDP, local browser IE 6, and many other plug-ins for local applications. It also features location memory feature for accurate location pinpointing, making remote configuration with Active Directory a breeze! Maybe one of the greatest features is the super low power consumption of 5W considering that the thin client only runs the basics needed to run (it's up to the host manager computers to provide the software). And since this is a thin client, you won't have to worry about data theft since data is not stored on the thin client.

Just connect the display, keyboard and mouse and your done!


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