Friday, June 8, 2007

Software Engineering, your guide to Better Programs and Formal Documentation: Part 2 - Envisioning Phase Overview

Envisioning? Planning? Sound the same? Maybe in another context, yeah, but in the MSF model, they are two different phases, both with different deliverables (meaning the information or documentation to give your clients).

The envisioning phase culminates when two milestones are reached, the formation of the core project team and the vision/scope is created. The Vision/scope documents is one of the many requirements document's parts and is the starting point of the document.

The first deliverable of the Envisioning Phase- Vision/Scope Document
  1. Problem statements and business objectives.
  2. A review of the existing processes.
  3. A broad definition of user requirements.
  4. User Profiles indentifying who will benefit from the solution.
  5. A vision statement & scope definition.
  6. The solution concept outlining the approach the team will take to plan the project.
  7. Solution design strategies.
The second deliverable of the envisioning phase is the project structure. This decribes the MSF team roles and the list of the team members responsible. It also includes the process standards and structures the team is expected to follow.

The final deliverable in the envisioning phase is the Risk Assessment of the project. This consists of a preliminary risk assessments the team creates. It is intended to identify the primary risks, plans for mitigating or (hopefully) eliminating the identified risks to the project.

That's the overview of the envisioning phase, and the start of some tangible elements in the project. Documents are key to a project's success and knowing where to start saves a lot of frustrations. The next part in the series is the overview of the Planning phase, feel free to comment on any post in the series!

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