Sunday, July 1, 2007

Build a PC for less than $80!

For just exactly $72 you could set up your own mini computer! Here is the parts and cost breakdown (from PopSci's article) :

As for the OS, since the total price of the mini computer should be ideally less than $100, the best alternative would be to get a USB flash drive (512MB should suffice) and load it with Damn Small Linux. Which is the portable version of Linux which can be booted from the flash drive. One of the best applications you could get your mini computer to do is usrf the Internet, provided you have a Wi-Fi card compatible with Linux and a browser to enable you to do the actual surfing! A FREE and also portable alternative is FireFox - Portable Edition. At 25MB (6MB to download) you have a fully functional FireFox that you can take anywhere along with your bookmarks, extensions, and saved passwords along with you!

Click here for instructions for the assembly and OS installation guide from Popular Science.


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