Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Extreme Gaming PC - Dell's XPS 720 H2C!

Taking gaming PC's to the extreme, Dell now includes the H2C Version of it's XPS line of performance PC's. There are so many cool features (I begin to drool and cry when I see the specs!), that I don't know where to begin - almost every aspect of the XPS H2C is mouth-watering!

Maybe a good place to start would be the CPU included in the XPS. A consumer is given three choices to when choosing the CPU:
  • Intel® CoreTM 2 Extreme QX6700 Factory Overclocked to 3.46GHz
  • Intel® CoreTM 2 Extreme X6800 Factory Overclocked to 3.73GHz
  • Intel® CoreTM 2 Extreme QX6800 Factory Overclocked to 3.73GHz
All three are overclocked Quad-Core suckers! All four cores are designed to execute four separate threads concurrently resulting in blazing fast processing and rendering! The XPS also comes bundled with NVIDIA's nForce 680i SLI MCP core logic chipset, which allows two graphic cards to concentrate their capabilities to render one image, as if four simultaneous thread weren't fast enough for Dell!

To add to the sweetness of the XPS, Dell includes a pair of Corsair Dual Channel 4GB RAM that operates @ 800MHz. If your have a 64-bit OS, Dell also offers the 8GB version. For the hard disks the XPS H2C supports up to four SATA Hard Disk Drives. Configured as RAID 0 or 1, the XPS can support up to 2.75TB of data and up to 1TB of data on a single connection.

This being a top of the line gaming machine, it goes without saying that the XPS will include two SLI enabled NVIDIA 8800 GTX graphics cards, the first card to incorporate and fully support Microsoft's DirectX 10 Technology. The 8800 also features NVIDIA's PureVideo technology making HD and blue-ray capable!

Helping the 8800 GTX is the uber cool AGEIA® PhysX Accelerator. The accelerator renders particles to their highest possible level further pushing the physics engine and greatly improving the user experience.

Simply overclocking and plugging in all the best components you could think of would be futile if you didn't have the proper gear to handle all the heat! At the heart of Dell's XPS H2C System is Dell's sexy looking cooling solution which features a two stage cooling system, from Dell's XPS web page:
The H2C hybrid solution combines a liquid radiator, a thermoelectric cooling module and control circuitry, optimizing CPU cooling with minimal power consumption. The result is a processor that stays cool when it's overclocked.
If you're curious on why Dell named the XPS with the H2C? R134A refrigerant or CH2FCF3, which is the cooling liquid used in the system.

And did I mention the price tag? For just $5939 you can experience one of the best gaming experiences currently available in the market! Start saving! =)

All images taken from Dell's XPS website



Mika said...

Wow!... This overclocked extreme pc is like hardcore tuned race car. I want one. :D

Mika said...

I like your blog!... :) Let's exchange links. Just drop me a line with your link details if interested.

Gingr W said...

so coool this xps pc!... I've got to start saving. Unfortunately, the price is overclocked, too! :D I say, starve saving. :(