Monday, July 16, 2007

For all your back-up needs! All 1TB of it!

Another sweet looking backup solution from TrekStor, the Data Station duo w.c packs a lot of data at 1 TB! Being an external 3.5" hard disk drive, and a big boy at that, TrekStor integrates an onboard power supply (100V - 240V) sans the noisy fan. Read speed is 24.5 MB/s and write speed at 16.0 MB/s. Connecting it to a computer is simple as plugging the USB 2.0 connector to any USB 2.0 compatible port as the Data Station comes preformatted to work on the fly without the help of drivers. The Data Station runs without a hitch on Vista (all of the Windows OS from Win 98 SE to Vista work), Linux, and Mac OS X. If you want a copy of the Data Station's Data Sheet, click here.


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