Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Play Pokemon Online!

Ever wanted to play Pokemon again? But lost your cartridges or your Gameboy? Want to challenge friends online without the hassle of linking your Gameboys and going to the Pokemon center to link? Look no further, just head to Pokemon Crater's site and experience Pokemon online with friends! Below is a sample screen shot of the my Pokemon team within Pokemon Crater.

Like the real Pokemon games, your team is limited to six Pokemon and your attacks are also limited to four attacks. But unlike the real games, the Pokemon do not benefit from stat increases when leveling up and additional attacks. When leveling up, your Pokemon get an increase in HP and when at the appropriate level (usually 16 and 36) you have the choice of evolving them and get a whole new attack skill set (replaces the old four, so choose wisely).

Shown above is an example of a battle. As you can see, you have four attacks to choose from and so does your enemy! The attacks have different elemental attributes associated with them like thundershock is obviously electric. The elements have different effects on the Pokemon, some can be effective, not very effective, or have no effect at all! One thing I didn't like was that attacks with varying attack stages like pin missile, where you attack your enemy for a random number of times. In Pokemon Crater, pin missile is treated as one attack compressed into one.

To capture and heal Pokemon you naturally need items, shown above is the item shop where you can buy items to use.

Now I bet your wondering how do players get around the Pokemon world? Shown above is the interface of the Pokemon world in Pokemon Crater. You can move around be clicking on any of the visible red arrows to move your avatar (highlighted by a yellow outline and arrow). The other people you see on the map are actually other human players, who you can click on to view their information or issue battle challenges. Also, as you move around the map, you will randomly encounter Pokemon available for capture!

I'll leave you to explore (which is half the fun) and maybe you can find me online. I'm thor787 within the game!



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