Sunday, September 9, 2007

Apple iPod Touch!

With the relative success of the iPhone, Apple is now set to release it's latest iPod iteration, featuring the iPhone's touchscreen technology! At 3.5 inches, the widescreen display lets you feast on movies and browse through your pictures and album pictures without sacrificing too much quality! Not bad for something so small! The iPod touch also features a fully working Safari browser, and note that Apple has sign a deal with Starbucks to allow the iPod touch unlimited access to their Wi-Fi network!

With the release of the iPod Touch, Apple felt it was time to revamp the iPod line. Consolidating the iPod Video and the other iPods to one name and a quick design change here and there, Apple renames it to the iPod Classic. Although the Nano retains it name, it design changes a bit. Check out the image below for the changes.


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