Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yowza Vlog! The Review!

Yowza Vlog is one video blog (Vlog) you shouldn't miss! Designed and developed by the very talented Nico Cardenas, a member of the locally renowned PhilWeavers (group of proven and talented Filipino Flash Developers), the Yowza Vlog features a sleek looking interface, accessible components that are easy on the eyes and to my knowledge, is part Nico's latest site iteration soon to be released summer 2008. You can check out the portal here.

The jewel of the Vlog is the cute looking panda/teddy bearish looking TV. The TV allows you to watch (duh) select on-site movies, all with a fully functioning player. Yowza also allows you to download the movies, I don't know if they're freely distributable elsewhere, buy hey! =P

The Vlog features a fully working comment box situated in the upper right corner, along with links to select blogs. If you happen to pass by, be sure to leave your comments! One thing that caught my eye, was the login textboxes on top, but there doesn't seem to be a registration link anywhere! Pending work I suppose!

Scrolling down (which is a bit of a chore because the mouse wheel scroll event listeners don't seem to be implemented yet) you get the other half of the Vlog, the blog per se! There are some posts on a wide variety of articles like Transformers, gaming and gaming lifestyle articles, technology, and a whole lot more to keep prospective readers busy for a while. Beside the blog posts, are the video archives of Yowza. Here you could browse through the archived videos, aptly categorized as technology, animation, and gaming.

To be fair, I'm going to release the inner critic in me. Maybe the vlog would look better if the video content and the blog could be displayed side by side, so users won't have to scroll down to much. And maybe the comment box could be placed in it's own column, along with ads and other quick browse stuff. Lastly, the video information would look better if it were coupled with the now playing area. That way, it would save some space and still keep it's aesthetic look.

Phew! That's it! Keep it up Nico! =)

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