Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Closer to Mission Impossible!

The movie Mission Impossible featured a lot of cool gadgets and other stuff we often dreamed about using. One of these (or something similar to it) has been developed by German company DVD-D Gemany Ltd. The gadget I'm referring to would be the self-destructing mission tape. But unlike the self-burning/exploding tape, the DVD-D works like this: Once you take the DVD-D out of it's packaging, you have 48 hours to use the DVD-D before it degrades until it is rendered unusable. Useless? Not quite, the industry that could .benefit from this technology is the rentals industry. Rentals could reduce operating costs by not having to retrieve DVD's that were rented out. Several countries, like France, Italy and Scandinavia, are already implementing this technology.

The only implication of this technology is that we now have more garbage to deal with, perpetual Earth day everyone. :D

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pau said...

aawww... it can be useless and useful depending on the point of view.. in my view, mmm.. how could i keep an eye on Will Turner of Pirates of the Caribbean over and over again?