Sunday, April 20, 2008

My new bad ass Rig!

Just last month I was able to assemble what I consider to be my "Diamond in the Rough", the rough being my humble home. hehe

Here are the Specs:

Intel Q6600 Quad Core G0 stepping (2.4GHz with 4MB L2 cache)

The brains of my rig. It may be considered "Entry-Level" relative to other Quads available, but hey, I got it for almost $45 less from a local forum marketplace. The great thing about it being G0 stepping is that it supposedly uses less heat than its B3 counterpart, which makes it a better choice for overclockers.

MSI X38 Diamond

I will admit, the MSI X38 Diamond wasn't the best idea when I chose a motherboard. The most important drawback is it's crippling inability to support DDR2, and that the X48 came out just 2-3 months after I bought the X38. Frustrations aside, it is still a respectable board with FSB speeds reaching 1300 Mhz, better cooling courtesy of it's CircuPipe (Pure Copper Cooling solution, shown in the pic), and supports PCI 2.0 cards. Another cool feature that I really enjoy and use, is the board's ability to show a more advanced fuzzy logic view of the POST state, like if it's checking CPU->DDR->VGA-IDE to a successful boot.

Inno 3D 8800GT OC edition

I love this card. Without having to break the bank too much, the GT OC delivers almost the same performance as the stock 8800 GTS and doesn't eat up too much power. It is overclocked at about 15% from the stock GT GPU and only requires only one GPU power connector.

G.Skill 2GB DDR3

The G.Skill main memory was the result of my early motherboard choice blunder. I'm not saying that the G.SKill memory is a bad piece to acquire, but it just wasn't supposed to be included in my budget, and at $340 dollars you'll understand why. And like my CPU choice, this memory is considered entry-level in the DDR3 range, but delivers power proportional to its hefty price tag. =P

Antec Nine Hundred Gaming Case

Before I even thought of the other parts to buy for my rig, I was already decided on the tower case to buy. This was it. Although a bit heavy (almost 8 Kg), its features far outweigh its weight. It's a full ATX tower and features three 150mm fans mounted in front with cool blue LEDs, one 150mm in the rear, and a HUGE 200mm Fan on top! The 900 isn't screwless and the hard disk and optical drive mounting can be a hassle, even if the hard disk rack is modular. My only problem with the 900 is its grilles; more holes, more dust, more cleaning, 'nuf said.

Zalman CNPS 9700

This wasn't necessary in my rig, but when I saw the blocky and definitely "unsexy" stock Intel cooler, I knew I just had to replace it with a sexier alternative. With its hot looking 100% copper fins and 110mm Fan with blue LED, I was hooked.

Corsair 620W PSU

Since most of the parts I bought were relatively heavy weight in terms of power consumption, I went safe and selected a robust power supply with wattage to spare (unless I crossfire or SLI my GPU's =D ). The good thing about the PSU was it's cables were designed to be modular, meaning, if you don't need a certain cable, you simply don't connect it. Simple and clean workaround to messy cables.

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