Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pictures of my Rig

To start off, here is a quick look at the front view of the Antec Nine Hundred. Composed of mostly steel part and being a full ATX tower, the 900 is HEAVY. As in 8 Kg heavy without any components installed. I remember lugging the case around when I bought it and had to commute by train, my arms ached for several days. =)
Although not shown in my picture, the 900 has a huge 200m fan mounted on top and constantly blows air downward cooling the CPU and GPU which is blown out by the rear 120mm fan and the two 120mm front side fans. All of the fans feature cool blue LED's to show that there is power. The only thing amiss in the picture would be my old DVDR, which stands out because it's white.

This is how my Rig looks like from the side clear panel. You can see the Zalman 9700 LED sitting prominently on top. I took picture while the computer was running, so you should see the blue LEDs of the rear fan and the CPU fan. Also shown here is the Corsair PSU sitting at the bottom. The 900 tower case is designed so that the PSU's are place at the bottom and you can adjust the PSU's fan position. You should also be able to see the 8800 GT video card just below the CPU fan. It's not quite sa big as the GTS or GTX, but its big enough for me. =)

This picture is a close up of the Zalman 9700 and the G.Skill DDR3 memory. The memory sticks are dual channel and are connected in the first and third slot of the motherboard memory slots. You'll also notice the fan RPM switch, this controls the speed of the fan. Lastly, you can also see part the the X38 Diamond's CircuPipe just below the CPU fan.

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i really love the DVD.. its kinda cool and funny.. :)hehehe.. just kidding.. :D can i play sims? hehehe.. see yah! :)