Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Help Mozilla set a World Record! Download Firefox 3!

Help Mozilla set a new world record for the most downloaded application in 24 hours by download the highly anticipated Firefox 3! With it's proven track record of safe browsing, lightning fast browsing and rendering, and a whole gamut of powerful, funky, and useful add-ons - you can go wrong with FireFox! Download your copy before the 24 hour window closes! Here's the link:

Download FireFox 3

To show off your love for FireFox, you could also get badges for your web site like this:
Download Day 2008Download Day 2008Download Day 2008
Visit Mozilla's world record site now and get involved!

I just finished downloading and installing Firefox 3 to my PC - it looks great! The interface looks a lot more polished, you could even use Firefox as is with downloading a new theme to spice it up! Another great feature that I recently noticed was Firefox's built-in Auto Complete address bar! It does not only show you your previous sites visited, it also shows the site's description to boot!

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