Saturday, August 23, 2008

The overated 3G iPhone!

Ah yes, the venerable iPhone finally hits the Philippine shore (legally) via Globe. But why am I not jumping up and down screaming iPhone? This is why:

The only way anyone's getting the iPhone free is if you subscribe to a monthly P5000 (roughly $110) Plan, which is way beyond a typical Filipino salary man's pay for a phone with an iPod touch hybrid. The prepaid offer is even worse! P41899 ($931)!!! I could buy a friggin' laptop with that! Brand new to boot!

All in all, the iPhone was too hyped and overated by most people, now the demand is exploding on everyone's face. I'm sticking to my phone without an I, which is priced right for its features and still allows my to enjoy my life without worrying about phone bills.